Custom Granite

Granite is the most popular high quality countertop surface for today's kitchens. Our instock Granite is excellent but you may have a unique layout or want a different color than we carry instock.

Custom Granite

Nothing compares to the natural beauty and crystalline depth of natural granite. Natural stone, quarried throughout the world, is durable, abrasion-resistant, and heat-resistant. Its strength and longevity make it the right choice for heavily used surfaces indoors and outdoors.

We provide a large number of colors from which to choose.

Some benefits of our custom granite program.

  • You get to view and select your slab specifically for your kitchen.  (Caution most big box stores do not allow this and require you to take what they give you....)
  • Complicated layouts and special size tops are available.
  • Layouts which minimze seams can be accomplished.