Intsock Replacement Windows

Here in our store we keep a large selection of new construction windows instock. These are not to be confused with our surplus stock! They are brand new in the package, affordably priced, and always available! Low-E and argon gas come standard on these windows, making them perfect for those trying to save a little on their energy bill. Here are some of the specifications:

Silverline 1200 Series Vinyl Replacement Window: Double Hung, Half Screen, With or Without Mullions, Low-E Standard, Argon Gas Standard

Available in the following sizes and options:

With or Without Grids
Nominal Actual
2/4-3/2 27.75x37.25
2/4-3/10 27.75x45.25
2/4-4/6 27.75x53.25
2/4-5/0 27.75x59.25
2/8-3/2 31.75x37.25
2/8-3/10 31.75x45.25
2/8-4/6 31.75x53.25
2/8-5/0 31.75x59.25
3/0-3/0 35.75x35.25
3/0-3/2 35.75x37.25
3/0-3/10 35.75x45.25
3/0-4/6 35.75x53.25
3/0-5/0 35.75x59.25


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