Stair parts

We do not carry stair railings in the store, but we do keep a stock of stair treads and balusters to help with new construction or renovation purposes.

The stair treads come in Oak or an Oak/Poplar blend. The "oak" listed is a Red or White Oak and is very popular amongst commercial sellers of stair parts. The heartwood of this species is a pink reddish brown, the sapwood is white to light brown. The grain is very versatile and accepts stains well. Poplar wood is a more yellow to olive green tinted light wood and is usually mixed with Oak to build a more flattering composite. It is a softer would which does allow it to be dented so it is rarely used on its own. Poplar also accepts stains and paints well so it is great for home construction projects.

Our stair treads come in a 48" and 36" by 11.5" boards.

48" tread prices starting at $16.99       

36" tread prices starting at $14.99Stair partsStair parts

Builders Surplus also keeps white painted wood stair balusters in stock starting at $1.99 each. Occasionally we have metal sculpted balusters starting at $9.99 each.

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