UnFinished Hardwood Flooring

Let the craftman in you shine with total control over the color, shine and texture of your wood floor by using Unfinished flooring.  We carry #2 and #3 common unfinished red and white oak which is unique for Louisville.  #3 is often refered to as Cabin Grade or Rustic. It is very affordable.. But requires more care during installation.  The final floor will look terrific and give you a true "Rustic" feel.   #2 is more typical and a value grade that works wonderfully and is affordable as well.  What is especially nice at Builders Surplus is we have Stock on hand and we carry wider than typical sizes.  3 1/4", 4" and 5" all value priced and ready to take home today.

Some lumber mills, as well as some wood flooring manufacturers, will take a particular grade of lumber — typically 2A or 3A — and run it into a flooring profile,without dividing the flooring into grades. This is typically called “mill run” or “run of the mill.” Thus, instead of separating the flooring into grades such as clear, select, common, etc., the flooring is a mix of grades.
Because individual pieces do not have to be cut to divide them into different grades, mill run flooring is typically longer than other flooring.  The only flooring sometimes rejected is that with either a manufacturing defect or an unsound board. Due to its mix of grades, mill run flooring is more economical — for both the manufacturer and the consumer.

2 1/4 Oak #3 Common Grade 3 1/4 Oak #3 Common Grade UnFinished Hickory Flooring