Vessel Sinks

The first time you saw a vessel sink I bet you paused. Wow is that cool. The whole concept of washing your hands in a sink is changing. Who would have thought?

Vessel sinks are features in any bathroom and they give that extra pop to a newly remodeled bathroom.

A vessel sink is a sink that sits on top of a bathroom counter, rather than below like drop-in or undermount sinks.

The vessel sink come in may shapes materials and sizes. Ceramic, glass, stainless steel, stone, copper, or marble. Glass and ceramic vessel sinks are the most popular types today.

There are two distinct types of vessel sink installations:

  1. Above-Counter Installation: The vessel sink basin rests completely on top of the counter or vanity. When people think of vessel sinks, this is the most version they usually have in mind. After a drain hole of 1 5/8" to 1 3/4" is drilled, no additional cutting of the countertop is required.
  2. Recessed Installation: Recessed installation allows for greater basin stability. A hole greater greater than the diameter of the drain hole, but smaller than the sink diameter, is cut into the countertop. This allows the sink basin to rest about half-way down

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